Time to Write!!

I disappeared for about a week, but I’m back now! Hopefully, I won’t vanish again, but I cannot be sure. My entire last week has been pretty up and down. It was a good week over all, and the downsides were mostly based on the fact that our break was approaching. Work has been hectic and I am getting ready to go back to school, but work is over for the next two weeks and I just got my textbooks. I’m looking forward to going back to school after taking a semester off! Though, it means that I will have to cut back on my writing. I do not have a new chapter for Fading Lilies up yet, but that is because I have been putting a lot of time into editing my novel. I found a new software that is great for manuscript writing and it has a great set up for getting character info and setting descriptions organized. Basically, I started retyping my novel onto it. It would be much easier to copy paste, but retyping the story has been a great way for editing so far. I’m killing two birds with one stone!
For now, I’m going to have more time to put into writing. I will be working on my stories and poetry while I am at ski resorts with my family, but since I can’t ski anyway, due to an injury, it is a good opportunity. I really enjoy winter and I love ski lodges. I’m positive that I will get a lot of inspiration. I am getting excited over the thought of setting up my laptop at the coffee shop where I can have a good view of the ski runs. You can expect a winter poem or two to show up on my blog within the next couple of weeks!
Happy holidays everyone!!!!


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