Poetry Month!

I recently found out that April is national poetry month. To me, April is already an important month, and my own reason is also related to poetry. On the 25th, Poets Anonymous will have been around for an entire year!! That is very exciting for me. When I started Poets Anonymous, I really wasn’t sure that it would last, and I honestly did not know where I would go with it. I actually surprised myself with it. I definitely had difficulties with it at times, but I am proud of it. We are not very popular, but we’ve made it this far, and that is good enough for me right now. I had a lot of fun with the group and know I will have more. We’ve moved up from a simple facebook page to a website as well. The site still needs some work, but it has been a great addition. As hard as it may have been to manage it at times, I enjoyed playing around with it. The group has even received submissions from other poets to share on our By The Readers page!! I’ve enjoyed having a collection of various types of poetry sent over to us. It was fun reading the different forms and styles. The experience has even lead me to making new friends. By opening myself up and deciding to actually share my work rather than keep it to myself, collecting dust in a notebook or crumpled up in a small box I keep in my room, I found my way to a huge community of writers! 

Poets Anonymous has a long way to go, but I can’t wait to see how we’ve progressed by this time next year. 



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