Fading Lilies: Chapter 8

Fading Lilies: Chapter 8

I’ve stuck to my schedule! For one week….but hey, I got it done!
Chapter 8 of Fading Lilies is now available. I hope you enjoy it!
If you haven’t figured out the gist of what’s going on, you’ll probably figure it out in this chapter.

Sadly, I will not be putting up chapter 9 next week. On a not so sad note, I’ll be on vacation. Chapter 9 will be put on hold, but I’ll get it up for you guys on the following Tuesday after my vacation. I’ll only be gone a week.

And for those of you that have not read the series, check out Chapter 1!


Fading Lilies: Chapter 7

Fading Lilies: Chapter 7

I apologize for the time it took for me to get this up, but here it is! Chapter 7 of the Fading Lilies story. I hope you enjoy it!I will do my best to post a chapter every Tuesday while I am not in school! Chapter 8 is already nearly completed.

If you have not yet started the series, please start at Chapter 1!
Chapter 1

Souls to Die

A very short poem of mine that I decided to make a picture with.

The End

He was only twenty-two
When he woke alone that night
Barely remembering the past
Of the air-born nuclear fight

He barely even felt alive
Waking on the outskirts of explosion
His heart ached and his stomach churned
As he gazed on the heavy corrosion

Buildings crumbled, bridges caved
Pellets of ash fell from the sky
His eyes stung and his lungs burned
It would have been simpler to die

Everything was gone
Had anyone survived?
Did it really make a difference,
When the end already arrived?

He pushed himself up
Made his way to the wreckage ahead
Homes had fallen, people were scattered
There wasn’t a sign of hope, all were dead

His whole body ached
What was the use in his attempt?
All around were put to death
What was it that made him exempt?

He had to move on
He wouldn’t give in to death
A hope for a reason didn’t exist
But he would fight until his very last breath

The farther he went, the worse he would see
Rather than crumpled homes, there was only ash
Piles of grey and black sands, the solidified smoke
So much damage, that had come in a flash

There was nothing to do
So he turned the other way
Backtracking his steps
But he didn’t give up on the day

The world had reached it’s end
But this man wasn’t quite done
He would continue looking for light
With or without the sun


Trading My Textbooks for Notebooks

School is over for the time being! I am finally on vacation, from homework and classes at the very least. 

I still have to go to  work during just about the entire summer, and I also have other plans that will get in the way of a few things. Still, I have a lot more time on my hands than I have had in the past few months. Now that I have more time, I can spend a lot of it writing. 

Though this is very exciting for me, it is also a tad bit stressing. I know that once I’m back in school, I will have to stop writing again. I’ve managed to write quite a bit of poetry when I took breaks, between classes, at home, at work, and, I admit it, in some of my classes. It helped keep me from breaking down under all of the work I piled up on myself. 

But, even though I’ve managed to write a lot of poetry, my novels and stories have been hidden away in notebooks, USB drives, and google drives, completely untouched. I have just a few months to give them my full attention, and none of them will really get full attention. Even in my hobby, my haven away from everything else, I tend to put too much on my plate. I want to finish editing a manuscript this summer. It’s a complete story, but has a long way to go in terms of editing. There’s also Fading Lilies, which I really want to work on. I still have the seventh chapter on my computer waiting to be edited so that I can share it here with all of you. I would really like to finish that story this summer, but that may not be reasonable. I have no set limit on how long I want it to be yet. On top of that, I’m working on a sequel to the novel I finished. It’s not a priority for the time being, but getting further into that story may help me make better decisions for my current manuscript. 

So, to try managing all of that, I’ve decided to do what I did to survive my homework. Schedule everything. I’ve designated days to edit the manuscript, days to work on Fading Lilies, and one day a week for the sequel in progress. I did this before, and it helped me quite a bit with my writing. I got more done than I planned on. The only downside is that it makes writing feel a lot more like work. If it feels like work, I lose motivation. The longer it goes, the worse it gets, but the beginning starts out perfectly fine. All I’m hoping for at this moment is that I can stay motivated just until I get back to school. 

What do you think? Should I put less time into this or maybe try another approach? How has your own scheduling and planning worked out for you? 


Every time you
grasp the rose,
it will prick you
with its thorn,
but though it
leaves its sting,
you will still look
and adore. 

Just a Poem

My heart is bleeding
on his forgotten shelf
while my dreams 
collect dust in a file,
but it’s only because
I handed them over,
gift wrapped,
with a smile.

A puzzle of my puzzling contemplations….

Lies, rules, laws, sins.
cry, fool, flaw, begin.
To many living life,
failing existing moral standards,
time dreams knowledge as nothing.


Same poem, different format:


Lies,                  rules,                laws,                  sins.
cry,                    fool,                  flaw,                  begin.
To                      many               living                  life,
failing              existing             moral                 standards,
time                 dreams              knowledge        as nothing.

I tried something different with my poetry, and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. I wrote this awhile ago, but I was trying to decide if I should post this to the Poets Anonymous facebook page. Generally, I just let myself go with poetry and write as it comes to me. With this one, I worked it out as a sort of puzzle. I’d like some feedback on this. Is it too confusing? Does it bring out any thoughts or ideas?? And if I do post it, do you think I should structure it the first way and see if it anyone comes across the “puzzle” or set it up the second way? I don’t usually ask too much of what others think of my poetry and just let others read it, but like I said, I’m just not sure what I think of this one. So, some honest input would be appreciated.  

Poetry Month!

I recently found out that April is national poetry month. To me, April is already an important month, and my own reason is also related to poetry. On the 25th, Poets Anonymous will have been around for an entire year!! That is very exciting for me. When I started Poets Anonymous, I really wasn’t sure that it would last, and I honestly did not know where I would go with it. I actually surprised myself with it. I definitely had difficulties with it at times, but I am proud of it. We are not very popular, but we’ve made it this far, and that is good enough for me right now. I had a lot of fun with the group and know I will have more. We’ve moved up from a simple facebook page to a website as well. The site still needs some work, but it has been a great addition. As hard as it may have been to manage it at times, I enjoyed playing around with it. The group has even received submissions from other poets to share on our By The Readers page!! I’ve enjoyed having a collection of various types of poetry sent over to us. It was fun reading the different forms and styles. The experience has even lead me to making new friends. By opening myself up and deciding to actually share my work rather than keep it to myself, collecting dust in a notebook or crumpled up in a small box I keep in my room, I found my way to a huge community of writers! 

Poets Anonymous has a long way to go, but I can’t wait to see how we’ve progressed by this time next year. 



Is it purity
or simply grace
that pulls me into eternity
in seek of your embrace?
Is it simple love
or a facade of charm
that lifts you like a dove,
away from any harm,
to watch the roses die? 

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