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Fading Lilies: Chapter 8

Fading Lilies: Chapter 8 I’ve stuck to my schedule! For one week….but hey, I got it done! Chapter 8 of Fading Lilies is now available. I hope you enjoy it!If you haven’t figured out the gist of what’s going on, you’ll probably figure it out in this chapter. Sadly, I will not be putting up […]

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Fading Lilies: Chapter 7

Fading Lilies: Chapter 7 I apologize for the time it took for me to get this up, but here it is! Chapter 7 of the Fading Lilies story. I hope you enjoy it!I will do my best to post a chapter every Tuesday while I am not in school! Chapter 8 is already nearly completed. If […]

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Souls to Die

A very short poem of mine that I decided to make a picture with.

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The End

He was only twenty-twoWhen he woke alone that nightBarely remembering the pastOf the air-born nuclear fight He barely even felt aliveWaking on the outskirts of explosionHis heart ached and his stomach churnedAs he gazed on the heavy corrosion Buildings crumbled, bridges cavedPellets of ash fell from the skyHis eyes stung and his lungs burnedIt would […]

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Trading My Textbooks for Notebooks

School is over for the time being! I am finally on vacation, from homework and classes at the very least.  I still have to go to  work during just about the entire summer, and I also have other plans that will get in the way of a few things. Still, I have a lot more time […]

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Every time yougrasp the rose,it will prick youwith its thorn,but though itleaves its sting,you will still lookand adore. 

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Just a Poem

My heart is bleedingon his forgotten shelfwhile my dreams collect dust in a file,but it’s only becauseI handed them over,gift wrapped,with a smile.

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A puzzle of my puzzling contemplations….

Lies, rules, laws, sins. cry, fool, flaw, begin. To many living life, failing existing moral standards, time dreams knowledge as nothing.   Same poem, different format:   Lies,                  rules,                laws,                  sins. cry,                    fool,                  flaw,                  begin. To                      many               living                  life, failing              existing             moral                 standards, time                 dreams              knowledge        as nothing. I tried something different with my poetry, […]

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Poetry Month!

I recently found out that April is national poetry month. To me, April is already an important month, and my own reason is also related to poetry. On the 25th, Poets Anonymous will have been around for an entire year!! That is very exciting for me. When I started Poets Anonymous, I really wasn’t sure […]

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Is it purityor simply gracethat pulls me into eternityin seek of your embrace?Is it simple loveor a facade of charmthat lifts you like a dove,away from any harm,to watch the roses die? 

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