The night draws in
As the sun peels away
Leaving the land serene
But monsters are not at bay
Up above hangs a glowing moon
Shining her light through the dark
It is just enough to see that screaming face
A face of a scream that made no sound
There is no body, no heart to race
For the head had been severed
Your panic will now ensue
You are in Sleepy Hollow
With no one but you

Here I have, Waiting for you
A gateway to my mind
I’ve summoned it here, Just for you
But I must warn you of what you’ll find

I won’t tell you all the details
Nor will I make myself clear
The depths of my inner thought
Are a confusing bundle of fear

My inner demon waits
For you to take the leap
Be careful as you enter
The stairway down is steep

I see you’d like to run
But my friend, that’s not a choice
You are bound by contract
Now, Please follow the cackling voice

I’ll hold the way open
Just long enough for you to go
Into the world of my imagination
There’s nothing more you need to know

So take the plunge
Open the door
Walk right through
Wait no more

In the meadow of the shadowing crows
Light is encompassed by the living dark
The grass blades are twisted, spiraling up
Bright green turned grey by shadows to embark
Every morning is quite bright
The grass blades tend to shimmer
Light from the golden sun bounces of the creek
At the far end of the meadow it will glimmer
The beauty of the meadow only lasts a few hours
For the clouds come to hide the sky each day
The puffy fluffs of grey crowd together to hide
The meadow as the crows make their way
The birds fly in herds, their black bodies all around
Blotches of black against the masses of grey cotton
Swarming all at once, moving in a swirl they fall
Landing to cover the meadow long forgotten
Onto the spiralled grass they rest
Carpeting the darkened green
They sit in silence, together unmoving
Entire days they spend in the darkness so serene
A few at a time will fly away
Only to land by the creek for a drink
Only a few cracks of light exist to reflect
Against the canvas reflecting night’s darkening brink
Little crevices of light escape the cracks of the upper blanket
And scratch white lines along the dark water as it moves
Piles of rocks peak over the surface in patches
Water slips through to rush past through their grooves
The darkness resides, and the clouds will not leave
They defend the meadow from sunlight until the moon appears
Once the sun has passed the clouds will slowly retreat
To show the sky of dark on which tiny flecks of light adhere
The crows will spend that night under the glowing moon
Enjoying the lasting darkness with only a fraction of the sun’s light
Moon’s light is just enough to see a glimpse of black unmoving crows
And it reflects against the creek, which the crows now find too bright
They leave a space between them and it, a gap that is quite large
The bundle together, closer to the meadows edge
They spend the night together, away from the creek of glowing dull light
And stay just until they see the bright light of the sun’s golden wedge

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