Freedom gained through pen
Obtaining a whole new height
Revealing the hidden truths
Even when they haven’t been said
Verifying my very existence
Every time i type
Reality has been rewritten

All I’ve ever held in
Lasting beyond the longest of lives
Immortality in its very own form
Venturing past the the limits of time
Existing beyond my very own life

When troubles brood
Or the mind is still
Thoughts will turn
With pages to fill

Parchment becomes a gate
The pen of course, a key
Words become enchanted
Spells to set me free

The words begin to tug
And pull me into my soul
To dance and sing within myself
And by the end I’m feeling whole

The worlds I hold will flow
through the ink of my pen.
Onto the paper they fall,
leaving the mark of my heart.
The words I leave are special,
for I let my thoughts leave and fly.
Into the world, I let them spill
to be found and perhaps enjoyed.
No matter the thoughts of others,
these words of mine have power.
The words I leave have meaning;
the words of mine hold truth.
Whether my words are of light or dark,
they can be beautiful if I choose.
The ink of my pen is the ink of my heart.
So, I choose to let it flood.
My ink stains onto paper
have left my thoughts as art!


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