Mother Nature spoke to me,
Sending messages through her rain.
Pouring down with hope and love,
Washing pain away with water drops.

Mother Nature comforted me
With her lightning in the sky,
Igniting sparks of electric light,
Lighting up the darkened sky.

Mother Nature said to me,
“There is beauty within the dark”
She washed me down with cooling waters
And guided me on with flashing sparks.

In an empty field
A weeping willow stands
Dirt of mixing hues of brown
Stretch across the lands

The dirt as dry as gravel
Is streaked with black
Freckled with white
And crusted at the top

And into the depths of dying soil
The aging roots dig in deep
Searching for hydration of life
Where the willow stands to weep

The cracking withered trunk of old
Is a brown of a lighter shade
It used be a vibrant color
But in its age it began to fade

Branches above reached for the sky
Twisting and bending each way
As if hoping it would touch a cloud
Passing through the light of day

And from each branch
Hung seeping vines of green
And off those vines clung tiny leaves
Each with an unexpected sheen

They shined quite bright
Reflecting light of the sun
Blowing through the wind
As if capable of having fun

They were a green so bright
They stood out from the view
In the dead and lonely picture
They were a lively show of youth

The roots had sunk so low
They managed to find a source
And so this lonely weeping willow
Became a joyful force

Her eyes opened a crack
Then fluttered against the light
She stretched her arms
And wriggled her toes in delight

She stood up on the daisy
And stroked a glittering wing
She let out an excited shriek
And then began to sing

Her wings fluttered together
Her feet slowly lifted away
She then burst forth in joy
Ready to start her day

Sunlight shone against her skin
Sparkling the purple tone
She then changed to orange
But she did not change alone

The leaves changed with her
She glided past as they fell
Giggling and dancing along
To the Autumn she knew so well

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